Surrogacy in Ukraine

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Surrogacy in Ukraine

Post by hopeandlove » Wed Sep 26, 2018 7:02 am

Hi everyone. Recently, I've found that Ukraine perfectly suits us in terms of surrogacy. First of all, it's cheaper than here and this matters to us. It's well-regulated and absolutely legal. There are many agencies and clinics providing surrogacy to couples from other countries and this means the waiting time is short enough. In addition, there are some agencies offering guarantee packages and that sounds great as I don't think it's better to pay for an attempt. No waiting, price and guarantee are three main factors that made us choose the country. We are due to start our surrogacy in November. I've researched dozens of forums, read reviews and then met a few surrogacy providers in Kiev (mother and child, IRM, biotexcom, adonis, ukrcom). I can share this information if anyone is interested in. My email is

jeenia saha
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Re: Surrogacy in Ukraine

Post by jeenia saha » Fri Oct 26, 2018 4:46 am

Hi dear, hope you are doing well. Infertility is not by choice, but by fate. But you will have to move forward in life. Yes surrogacy is the best and safest option for an infertile parent. Surrogacy actually needs good research regarding the clinics and doctors. Many clinics give fake promises just to grab money from the patient. The play with feelings. Congratulations on your brave step towards parenting. All the best.

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