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Pauline Ryan
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Re: Menopause

Post by Pauline Ryan » Tue Jun 26, 2018 7:59 am

Hi to you Jennifer. Thank you for informing us on this. It is possible that menopause happens before 45 too but i am not sure. It is really hard for women. Hot flashes and emotional toll is high. Thank you for sharing this topic. God bless you girl.

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Re: Menopause

Post by keren » Wed Jun 27, 2018 6:20 am

How are you doing Jennifer? That's some important information regarding menopause. My aunt is going through menopause. She told me last month when we met that she has not gotten her periods since four months. Her age is around 49-50 years. So probably it's start of it. I will definitely share with her.

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Re: Menopause

Post by Isabella » Mon Jul 02, 2018 2:28 pm

Hello, it's great you shared this information. It happened with one of my aunts. But then she suffers from urinary tract infections and uterus problems every other day. So I want to ask does this also happens in menopause? She is just 38 years old. Can this happen so early? Do share more information about this topic if you have. It's always good to share knowledge. God bless you and take care.

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Re: Menopause

Post by Emma81 » Tue Jul 03, 2018 5:28 am

Hello Jennifer. Hope you are doing well. Menopause brings lots of hormonal changes as well. It will be do nice if you share with us. Only if you are aware of them. The above post is equally enjoyable. I loved reading everything. Hoping to see them on usual basis. Stay blessed.

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Re: Menopause

Post by Magdalena » Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:35 am

Hello! How are you? I hope that you are doing good. The information that you preovided is valuable. Thanks for sharing. This is a great platform for all of us. Yes, you are right. Menopause occurs when you are fifty plus or so. Have a good day.

lucy mona
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Re: Menopause

Post by lucy mona » Wed Jul 11, 2018 6:06 am

Hello! I hope this finds you in good health. Thanks for sharing useful information. Many women are experiencing this problem. It is a difficult time for women. I wish every woman should read this. Keep sharing such stuff. Take good care of yourself. All the best.

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Re: Menopause

Post by Arabella » Wed Jul 11, 2018 8:35 am

Hey Jennifer. Good to see you. Many women experience some physical and emotional symptoms during menopause, caused by hormonal imbalance. Typically, a woman will begin to experience menopause symptoms around her mid-40's as her body's reproductive capability comes to the end. Joint pain is one of the most common symptoms of menopause. Skipping periods and “spotting” - bleeding between periods - are also common symptoms of menopause. I think every woman know these symptoms. Take care.

Jamilah Wigfall
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Re: Menopause

Post by Jamilah Wigfall » Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:45 am

Hello there Jennifer. Hope this finds you in good health. Thanks for sharing this information with us. It was very helpful. I am sure many people will benefit from it. Goodbye. Take care.

Amelia Kerr
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Re: Menopause

Post by Amelia Kerr » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:15 am

Hello? How are you? Hope you will be fine. I think this was a hard time for affected women of this case. One should consult with her doctor as soon as possible. Thanks for telling us about this big issue. God bless you. Have a good future.

Amelia Kerr
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Re: Menopause

Post by Amelia Kerr » Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:32 pm

Hello? I hope you are fine. Thanks for sharing this post. It's very informative. It affected badly on women .Women gone to depression. We should need to overcome this issue. Best of luck.

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