Low Sperm Motility

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Low Sperm Motility

Post by VoiliLere » Mon Feb 24, 2020 4:24 am

Hi There,
I could really use some success stories of natural conception with male factor infertility. Im 36, and DH is 43; this would be our first child. Weve only been trying for 4 cycles, but being over 35, I dont want to waste any time. I dont appear to have any fertility issues, and Im ovulating normally, but we just found out that DH has a sperm count of 27mil, which is within normal, but his motility is only 11, very low.

Weve started doing everything weve read to do. DH switched to boxers, cut way way back on drinking he was a pretty heavy drinker, started taking supplements fertilaid, countboost, fish oil, stopped putting his hot laptop on his lap, stopped using the car seat-warmer, etc. I cook most nights, so he already eats a relatively healthy diet, and Im trying to get him to exercise, but hes more stubborn on that one. Also, we have him scheduled to start acupuncture next week.

Meanwhile, Im doing everything I can on my end: acupuncture, fertility herbs, charting, OPKs, trying to carefully time when we BD, pre-seed, using soft cups after BD just tried that this month for the first time. So I think we are doing everything we can do. We are also talking to our Doctors just starting all that, but neither one of us has wonderful insurance, and I dont expect them to cover fertility treatments, and we really dont have savings for that kind of thing.

Im really hoping the steps were taking will help us to conceive naturally, and I would love to hear some success stories from people with similar challenges. It would help me so much.

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