How to control weight.

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How to control weight.

Post by Sasha » Wed Feb 21, 2018 5:16 pm

Hello ladies.Here are some tips to control your weight.Hope these are useful for you people..
avoid eating fatty foods.
Fight off hunger with more filling foods. ...
Avoid temptation. ...
Count calories. ...
Plan your meals in advance. ...
Consider adding minutes to your exercise plan. ...
Measure your portions.

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Re: How to control weight.

Post by Tina » Thu Feb 22, 2018 11:13 am

Thanks for sharing informative post. We should eat healthy. 8-10 Glass water should be in our daily routine.Do not forget to carry a water bottle to your workout, and take a few sips after every 2-3 minutes of exercise. Use fat burning foods. Say No to Sugar Use alternatives like honey, palm sugar and licorice extract. It will also help to lose weight quickly... I am sure it will work... Try and get results :)

Maurine Lawrence
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Re: How to control weight.

Post by Maurine Lawrence » Thu Feb 22, 2018 6:48 pm

Hi sasha. I hope you are well. This is such an informative post. Fighting temptation is that hardest. I am also interested to know what filling food might count as. I think filling food can be fruits. Eventually I think it is better to est healthy. Junk food is bulking up all these calories in us. Thank you for this post.

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Re: How to control weight.

Post by Katherine » Fri Feb 23, 2018 3:24 am

Hi, Sasha. I hope you are doing great. Thanks for sharing some tips. It would be helpful for the ladies. I think water is also an important part of life. So, if your weight is 50-60 kg then 6-8 glass of water is enough per day.If the weight is above 60 kg then one must drink 8-12 glass of water. Secondly, fast food is also the cause of overweight. I am once again thanks to you for such an informative post. Stay happy.

Brittany K.
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Re: How to control weight.

Post by Brittany K. » Sat Feb 24, 2018 1:19 pm

hello dear.How are you?I hope things are fine at your end.Dear many man thanks for these tips.These are really helpful.All the best.God bless you.Good luck.

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Re: How to control weight.

Post by Maya » Sun Feb 25, 2018 1:09 pm are you.I hope you are fine.Thanks for all this.A little bit tips but useful.Keep sharing your knowledge.God bless you lovely lady.Have a wonderful day.

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Re: How to control weight.

Post by Jenniferhagwood » Sun Feb 25, 2018 1:29 pm

Hello dear, hope you're doing well. I'd like to share a few tips in this regard. As a matter of fact, we can't stay away from junk foods and also can't reduce our appetite if we are big foodies. But we can still lose weight by doing exercise regularly. Swimming is considered the best exercise for weight control and healthy routine. Moreover there are certain food supplements which serve as the best weight control agents. I'd suggest to include 'Burn slim' food supplement and Alkaline coffee in our Diet. These products are made by Alliance in Motion Global.

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Re: How to control weight.

Post by sofia » Mon Feb 26, 2018 7:17 pm

Hey there. I'm SOfia. I hope you are fine. Thanks for uploading this. People like you are very kind. Keep posting like this. Take care. Stay Blessed.

Martha Blake
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Re: How to control weight.

Post by Martha Blake » Tue Feb 27, 2018 9:10 pm

Hello Sasha! Good to have you here dear. I hope you are having a lovely day. Thank you tons for sharing us such useful information regarding weight loss . Every other women these days are looking for tips. I am sure you have helped us alot dear. God bless you. Keep posting .Stay happy.

Jennifer D
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Re: How to control weight.

Post by Jennifer D » Wed Feb 28, 2018 7:39 am

Hey! How are you doing? I hope well. Thank you for sharing. I hope many people will learn a lot from this.Kick-start your metabolism by including protein at breakfast, choose from eggs, salmon, lean ham or dairy. We burn more calories digesting protein rather than carbs so, by making your breakfast a protein one, you'll be revving up your metabolism and because protein keeps you fuller for longer. You'll eat fewer calories the rest of the day.Whatever you do, don't skip breakfast as this sets your blood sugar off on a roller-coaster that means you'll end up choosing the wrong foods later in the day. Remember breakfast makes an important contribution towards your daily intake and it plays a key role in maintaining a healthy weight. Take care.

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