Pregnancy skin issues.

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susan collin
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Re: Pregnancy skin issues.

Post by susan collin » Tue Jul 31, 2018 5:40 pm

Hey there. How are you? Many many congratulations to you. Skin problem is a very common issue among pregnant women. It is because of hormonal change. Stay well hydrated. Do not take stress. It can effect the baby. You need to relax. Be strong.

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Re: Pregnancy skin issues.

Post by Kyliee » Wed Aug 01, 2018 6:00 am

Hey there. How are you doing?. Hope you are fine. Thanks for sharing this with us. Changes in the skin are common during pregnancy. This may be due to the changing in the harmons. You should consult with a doctor as well. God bless you, dear. Take a great care of yourself. Enjoy your life.

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Re: Pregnancy skin issues.

Post by Sophia » Wed Aug 01, 2018 6:41 am

Hope you are enjoying your life. I suggest you dove. It is good for skin. It does not have any side effect. So go for it. There are some remedies as well. You can apply them as well. Some people use lemon juice for skin washing. I hope you will use the best one. Thanks for asking suggestions. Have a nice day.

Bennet Max
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Re: Pregnancy skin issues.

Post by Bennet Max » Tue Aug 14, 2018 9:55 am

Hi. How are you? Skin issues in pregnancy are normal. It is because of hormonal change. I have heard washing face with neem water helps a lot. Try it. Tell us about its result. I hope it helps. Take care.

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Re: Pregnancy skin issues.

Post by Katelyn » Wed Aug 15, 2018 8:07 am

Hi there Anna,how are you? Hope you are having a great day. First of all, congratulations to you on your pregnancy. I hope you are doing well. Skin issues during pregnancy are normal. Consult with a doctor, he will guide you better. Take care. Have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Melissa Doherty
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Re: Pregnancy skin issues.

Post by Melissa Doherty » Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:52 am

Hi Anna. Hope youre well. Skin often breaks out during pregnancy. There's not much that you can do about it. Just cleanse it well. And keep it dry. Also dont forget to moisturise it well. Have a good day.

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Re: Pregnancy skin issues.

Post by Henry » Wed Aug 15, 2018 11:50 am

Oh, I am happy for your pregnancy. How is it going? Well, skin issues during pregnancy are most common. Almost 90% of pregnant females are facing this. Your case is not an exception. It's just because of melanin increase secretion. It will be ok after pregnancy. So, don't worry.

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Re: Pregnancy skin issues.

Post by Nina » Wed Aug 15, 2018 2:08 pm

Hi there.Oh dont worry sweetheart.This is normal.Dont panic.Every woman has to go through this.The pregnancy glow is really short lived.These are the realities one has to face.

jessica zac
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Re: Pregnancy skin issues.

Post by jessica zac » Mon Aug 27, 2018 5:37 pm

Hi. How are you? no need to take stress. it is completely normal. There is a change in hormones. you should be positive. stay strong. Have a great life ahead.

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Re: Pregnancy skin issues.

Post by Lucia » Tue Aug 28, 2018 5:31 am

Hi Anna. This is all normal. Skin usually break down during pregnancy. Keep yourself hydrated. Don't apply much stuff on the face. In the long run, it only ruins it. Give it some time.

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